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Aujourd’hui — 19 février 2020PC Gamer

Adventure game Norco is a pixel art lover's dream

The upcoming game explores the "industrial swamplands and decaying suburbs of South Louisiana."

I got drunk trying to take Geralt on a pub crawl in The Witcher 3

A search for booze turns into fistfighting across the Northern Kingdoms and some unexpected nudity.

Xbox Game Pass will get Yakuza 0, Two Point Hospital, and more soon

A total of five more games are being added to Xbox Game Pass for PC.

Hier — 18 février 2020PC Gamer

This re-creation of Metroid Fusion in Minecraft is very impressive

It's a work-in-progress that uses vanilla Minecraft and a custom shader system.

13 of Steam's top 20 new games in January were made in Asia

Nearly half of the list launched without English language support, too.

End-of-the-world adventure Beautiful Desolation comes out later this month

The new game from the makers of Stasis was first announced in 2016.

After overheating concerns, Asus is helping RX 5700 owners tighten their screws

If you own one of several affected graphics cards, you can get it modified for brand new mounting screws at no cost.

EVE Online shooter cancelled to make way for a new EVE Online shooter

After four years of development, CCP Games is giving up on its current plans for an EVE FPS, but a new one is brewing.

How Blizzard turned a Hearthstone fan theory into Hearthstone fact

Finally, the true nature of Reno Jackson is revealed.

Need a cheap 1080p display? This 27-inch IPS monitor is on sale for $85 today

AOC's 27-inch 27E1H monitor trades thrills and frills for an affordable price tag with this deal.

Arctic’s Freezer 7 X brings affordable air cooling to CPUs for $20

Arctic's new Freezer 7 X is an upgraded version of the popular Freezer 7 Pro, without an upgrade in price.

Asus launches a pair of adorably sized GeForce RTX 2060 cards for compact PCs

The Dual GeForce RTX 2060 Mini and Mini OC are both candidates for Intel's NUC 9 Extreme kit.

Grab this MSI RTX 2080 Super for just £699, its lowest price ever on Amazon

Save over £70 on the second-fastest GPU on the market.

Star Trek: Borg is a '90s FMV game that doesn't completely suck

Rewrite history in this interactive Star Trek episode.

Which job should you choose in Final Fantasy XIV?

There are FFXIV classes for all playstyles.

Fan-made Witcher VR game lets you explore Kaer Morhen

It won't turn you into a witcher, though.

Empire of Sin has been delayed until autumn 2020

Use the extra time to perfect your Chicago accent.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's battle royale mode apparently launches in March

Sources say it will have a free standalone version too.

Paradox will continue to experiment with selling games outside of Steam

The publisher needs to react to player behaviour.

Is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare getting a battle royale mode?

Check out the CoD: MW battle royale map leak below.