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Aujourd’hui — 25 février 2020FOXNews

Biden says he negotiated climate deal with long-dead Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping

Former Vice President Joe Biden notched another gaffe Monday night in South Carolina when he discussed his experience negotiating the Paris Climate Agreement -- with a Chinese leader who has been dead for decades.

Georgia Republicans push bill to ban sanctuary cities: The president is '100% right'

 Rep. Philip Singleton, R-Sharpsburg appeared on “Fox & Friends” vowing to push a bill that will ban sanctuary cities in the Peach State.

Former 'Bachelorette' star Chad Johnson arrested for domestic violence, robbery

"Bachelorette" alum Chad Johnson has been taken into custody for domestic violence and robbery after fighting with his girlfriend, according to a report.

Steve Levy: Gov. Cuomo’s liberal policies are putting illegal immigrants ahead of New Yorkers

Par : Steve Levy
Those who gain nothing from such a horrible system are American citizens themselves and law enforcement officials who now have for more handcuffs placed on them in their efforts to protect those in this very vulnerable targeted state. 

Austria, Croatia confirm first coronavirus cases

Austria and Croatia are two of the latest countries to confirm cases of the novel coronavirus, which as of Tuesday has sickened more than 80,000 people globally and killed some 2,700. 

Arizona family, dog rescued from raging flash flood in creek that 'looked like the Colorado River'

A family of five in Arizona and their dog narrowly avoided being swept away in raging flash floodwaters after heavy rains over the weekend turned a creekbed into a raging torrent. 

Stuart Varney: No way on 'God's green Earth' that a socialist will beat Trump

Reacting to Sen. Bernie Sanders’ surge in national polls and success in the early-voting states, Fox Business anchor Stuart Varney said on Tuesday that “there’s no way on god's green earth” that “a socialist will beat President Trump in an election.”

What do suburban moms think about Bernie Sanders' socialist agenda?

Sen.Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., is leading the 2020 Democratic presidential race. But, what does that mean for suburban mothers? 

Bizarre looking fish could help solve world hunger

A bizarre-looking fish could be the key to helping solve the world's hunger issue, according to a new study.

Bill Cosby's rep says Harvey Weinstein conviction is a 'sad day in the American Judicial System'

Bill Cosby’s spokesperson shared a lengthy note on the disgraced comedian’s Instagram page criticizing the justice system for convicting Harvey Weinstein.

Big Ten Conference women's basketball championship history

A look back at the Big Ten Conference women's basketball champions.

Tucker Carlson: Identity politics have trumped public health in the coronavirus crisis - time for real answers

Coronavirus is spreading fast globally, and the truth is, we have no real idea how many Americans are infected.

Storm surge during hurricanes: What are they and how can you prepare

When hurricanes approach land, thy bring the threat of what is known as "storm surge."

Jenna Jameson reveals highs, lows of keto weight loss journey: 'It's a marathon, not a sprint'

Jenna Jameson wants her fans to know that results don't happen overnight. The former adult film star, who has been documenting her weight loss and keto diet journey with her fans, shared an honest and uplifting update with her fans this week.

Sean Astin's top 5 roles from 'Stranger Things' to 'The Goonies'

Very few actors have had as many beloved and iconic roles as Sean Astin.

Cloud over Mt. Shasta appears 'out of this world'

Are human beings alone in the universe? It's the question of a lifetime and no one has really been able to answer it yet. 

Thousands caught in floods in Indonesia's sinking capital

Floods that have crippled much of Indonesia's capital worsened Tuesday, inundating thousands of homes and buildings, including the presidential palace, and paralyzing transport networks, officials and witnesses said.

What the 2020 Oscar winners are doing next

Par : Nate Day
Being that an Oscar is the film industry's highest honor, it's no surprise that this year's winners have full plates coming up.

George Washington letter to Scottish nobleman discovered

A 224-year-old letter from President George Washington to a Scottish nobleman in which the two discussed agriculture and farming has surfaced.

Deontay Wilder blames 40-pound pre-bout costume for Tyson Fury defeat

Deontay Wilder put on a spectacle as he walked down to the ring to face Tyson Fury for the WBC heavyweight title, but by Monday he was pointing at the elaborate costume he wore as the reason for his heavy defeat.

Joe Burrow jokingly 'considering retirement' following hand-measurement revelation

Joe Burrow said Monday he might as well call it a career before he even steps onto an NFL field after it was revealed that he was measured with 9-inch hands at the NFL Scouting Combine.

FDNY firefighter who found brother's body at Ground Zero after 9/11 dies of cancer

Par : David Aaro
A New York City firefighter who found his brother's body in the rubble of Ground Zero died on Saturday after a battle with pancreatic cancer linked to the rescue work he did after 9/11.

Trump takes aim at Sotomayor, Schiff, CNN and more at New Delhi press conference

President Trump sounded off Tuesday on liberal Supreme Court justices, on CNN's coverage of his administration, on disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein's former allies and more at a lively press conference held at the close of his whirlwind first official visit to India.

Colorado police chief fires officer citing 'severe misconduct': report

An Aurora, Colo. police officer has been terminated from his position by the interim chief of police for “severe misconduct,” a television report said Monday.

C.J. Pearson: Conservative students should join me in rejecting liberal academia's intolerance

It’s time for conservatives to get tough and fight back against the liberal monopoly on higher education.

Fox News Poll: Americans split over media coverage of first lady's fashion choices

In Fox Nation's "FLOTUS Fashion," FOX News contributor and FOX Nation host, Rachel Campos-Duffy looks back over the decades at the most iconic looks of America's recent First Lady and the meanings behind their styles.

Hosni Mubarak, Egypt’s former autocratic president, dead at 91

Hosni Mubarak, Egypt's former autocrat who ruled for nearly 30 years before being ensnared in the 2011 Arab Spring that swept through the region, died Tuesday at 91, Egypt state TV reported.