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Aujourd’hui — 8 avril 2020Science Magazine

Social scientists scramble to study pandemic, in real time

“It’s been rolling with the punches and the punches keep flying”

Early-career scientists at critical career junctures brace for impact of COVID-19

For some, university closures will delay graduation, hiring, and other critical milestones

Top EU scientist pushed out over coronavirus spat

European Research Council says president missed meetings and was distracted by commercial projects

Watch out Silicon Valley: European Union gets into the venture capital game

European Innovation Council buys shares in disruptive technology startups

Hier — 7 avril 2020Science Magazine

Trials of drugs to prevent coronavirus infection begin in health care workers

Prophylactic treatments could prevent fragile health systems from collapsing during the pandemic

South Africa hopes its battle with HIV and TB helped prepare it for COVID-19

Existing infrastructure and tactics are aiding the coronavirus fight

À partir d’avant-hierScience Magazine

NIH’s process for removing reviewers remains a mystery, watchdog finds

NIH should do “more” to reduce undue foreign influence on grantsmaking, HHS Office of Inspector General says

New genetic tools promise to unlock secrets of microscopic marine life

Now, researchers can modify genes of critical ecosystem engineers

Scientists have turned the structure of the coronavirus into music

“Sonification” could help researchers identify binding sites for new drugs

If you have to ask EPA for data, are they really public? Agency critics say no

Proposal to define studies available only by Freedom of Information Act request as “public” draws fire

National parks are no safe haven for West African lions

Hunger lures them into hunting reserves—where game is plentiful

You may be able to spread coronavirus just by breathing, new report finds

National Academy of Sciences finding lends support to widespread use of masks

How COVID-19 disease models shape shutdowns, and detecting emotions in mice

On this week’s show: The importance of forecasting in pandemic policy, and artificial intelligence that can detect facial expressions in mice

How women at NIH’s research hospital lost chances at childbearing

Egg freezing was suspended for more than 3 years, angering infertility experts

These drugs don’t target the coronavirus—they target us

Scientists are testing dozens of compounds that might inhibit infection by blocking a human protein

Proteins that sense light also sense taste, at least in fruit flies

Opsins pick up on bitter chemicals, supporting a nonvisual role

‘We have no choice.’ Pandemic forces polio eradication group to halt campaigns

Suspension of vaccinations expected to lead to fresh outbreaks in polio-free countries

Rootin’, poopin’ African elephants help keep soil fertile

By toppling trees and spreading dung, elephants can enrich soil depleted by cattle

White House science adviser Kelvin Droegemeier will also lead NSF—for now

Second role for head of White House science office until Senate confirms Trump’s nominee

‘Lucy’s baby’ suggests famed human ancestor had a primitive brain

New study also reveals ancient human ancestors enjoyed a long childhood

The United States leads in coronavirus cases, but not pandemic response

Conflicting messages, lack of coordination hamper efforts to curb infections

No star, no problem: Radioactivity could make otherwise frozen planets habitable

Decaying radioactive isotopes could produce enough heat to liquify water