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Aujourd’hui — 12 novembre 2019The Guardian

San Francisco transit boss apologizes to rider detained over a sandwich

Encounter between police officer and man eating on Bart platform prompts protests and allegations of racism

The head of a San Francisco Bay Area commuter train system apologized to a black rider who was detained and cited by police for eating a breakfast sandwich on a train platform. The official promised an investigation after an outcry from people who assailed enforcement of a no-food rule as racist.

More than two dozen people staged an “eat-in” at a Bay Area Rapid Transit (Bart) station over the weekend and others continue to protest the 4 November encounter, which ended with a 31-year-old man who was headed to work in handcuffs and unable to leave until he had told Bart police his name.

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Olivia Colman reveals her love for 'ultimate feminist' the Queen

Par : Mark Brown

Leftwing actor has told how her view of the monarch changed having played her in The Crown

Olivia Colman has said she has gone from being a conflicted leftwing monarchist to a staunch admirer of the Queen and sees her as the “ultimate feminist”.

The actor will soon be seen in Netflix’s hit The Crown, taking over the role of Elizabeth II from Claire Foy. In an interview with the Radio Times, Colman spoke of her regard for the “extraordinary woman” she was playing.

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England drop Raheem Sterling for Euro qualifier over clash with Joe Gomez

• Forward to miss Montenegro game after ‘disturbance’
• Gareth Southgate: ‘Emotions from Sunday’s game were still raw’

Raheem Sterling has been dropped for England’s Euro 2020 qualifier against Montenegro after a bust-up with Joe Gomez.

Emotions were still running high on Monday afternoon in the wake of Liverpool’s 3-1 win over their title rivals Manchester City 24 hours earlier and that rivalry has spilled over into the England camp. City’s Sterling and Liverpool’s Gomez were involved in a heated clash towards the end of the match at Anfield and both players once again to be separated as they reported for international duty.

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P&O ferry rescues migrant trying to swim from France to UK

Man dressed in a wetsuit was suffering from severe hypothermia when rescued off the French coast

A migrant wearing a wetsuit has been saved by a ferry off the coast of Calais in northern France after he tried to swim across the Channel to Britain, maritime authorities have said.

On Monday, the crew of the Pride of Canterbury P&O ferry spotted the man, understood to be in his 30s, about 12 miles off the French coast. The ferry made a U-turn to “retrieve him from the sea”, the French maritime authorities for the Channel and North Sea said.

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Travis Kalanick, controversial ex-Uber CEO, cashes in $547m of shares

Former CEO, who presided over a tumultuous period at Uber, continues to profit even as company has major losses

The Uber co-founder and former chief executive Travis Kalanick is cashing in more than half a billion dollars of his stake in the ride share app, months after the company went public.

After the end of the so-called “lockup period”, a 180-day restriction on inside and early investor sales, came to an end on Wednesday, Kalanick sold more than 20m shares, according to a financial filing submitted to the US Securities and Exchange Commission on Friday.

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Hockey pundit Don Cherry fired by Sportsnet over xenophobic poppy rant

  • Famed hockey pundit fired by Sportsnet over racist comments
  • Cherry attempted to shame immigrants for not buying poppies

Longtime Canadian hockey pundit Don Cherry has been fired by Sportsnet for on-air remarks about what he believes are new immigrants not honoring the country’s fallen soldiers.

“Sports brings people together - it unites us, not divides us. Following further discussions with Don Cherry after Saturday night’s broadcast, it has been decided it is the right time for him to immediately step down,” Sportsnet president Bart Yabsley said in a statement on Monday. “During the broadcast, he made divisive remarks that do not represent our values or what we stand for.

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Hier — 11 novembre 2019The Guardian

Pacing his season helps Roger Federer believe he can progress in ATP Finals

Despite opening defeat to Dominic Thiem, Federer says other players in London are already ‘looking forward to the beach’

Roger Federer will look to put his ATP Finals back on track on Tuesday when he faces Matteo Berrettini in a must-win battle after his straight-sets defeat to Dominic Thiem on Sunday. A defeat will almost certainly end his hopes of closing his season with a seventh Finals victory.

All is not lost for the 38-year-old. Through long periods in both sets against Thiem, Federer’s serve was purring and his forehand penetrated the court with ease. His problem was simply that as the Austrian thrived in most contentious moments and in the heat of the battle, Federer’s game crumbled under pressure.

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Who's triggered now? Seven times Donald Trump Jr out-snowflaked the left

Par : Poppy Noor

The president’s son walked out of his own event on Sunday. It’s not the first time he’s shown some sensitivity

This weekend, during a launch for his book Triggered: How The Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us, Donald Trump Jr was, well, triggered.

His thesis is that leftwingers can’t handle differences in opinion. Because of that, he argues they routinely engage in a number of silencing techniques – such as no-platforming – to discourage dissenting voices.

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'It makes it real': hundreds march to re-enact 1811 Louisiana slave rebellion

Over two days, men and women marched 26 miles to New Orleans to mark an overlooked uprising against slavery’s brutality – and pay tribute to those who fought for freedom

Ten years after police in Oakland killed his unarmed nephew Oscar Grant, Cephus “Bobby” Johnson put on a coarse cloth shirt and a red replica headpiece, clutched a machete and marched with 400 other re-enactors through the old plantation land of southern Louisiana.

Over two days, men and women marched 26 miles, through winding levee walkways, suburban sprawl and the historic streets of New Orleans, dressed as participants from a little-known slave rebellion that occurred here in 1811. The re-enactment was a piece of performance art by the New York artist Dread Scott.

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NSW and Qld fires: army training exercise may have started Gold Coast blaze – live

New South Wales residents prepare for catastrophic fire conditions across Greater Sydney, Hunter and Illawarra/Shoalhaven with strong winds and high temperatures forecast as dozens of bushfires continue to burn across Queensland and Australia’s east coast

NSW fires: almost 600 schools closed today amid catastrophic bushfire conditions
Catastrophic fire danger: what does it mean?
• If you are in a bushfire affected area stay tuned to your local emergency broadcaster. Full alerts can be found here for NSW and here for Queensland

A senior Queensland fire chief has said the state is struggling with a lack of resources, AAP reports.

Assistant commissioner of Qld Fire and Emergency Services, Tony Johnstone, told ABC Radio today that: “We’re having a problem with resources. We need to admit that.”

A NSW Ambulance spokesman also adds that since 5am, they have seen “a slightly elevated workload across the state.”

He says there were 31 instances of respiratory conditions – 17 within greater Sydney, 9 in the north of NSW and 5 in the south.

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Tamara Stefanovich the Art of the Etude review – a magnificent achievement

Milton Court, London
The pianist’s mastery of every technical challenge in this hugely ambitious survey was matched by the textural imagination she brought to every piece

The history of the keyboard study stretches back at least as far as Purcell. But The Art of the Étude, Tamara Stefanovich’s hugely ambitious survey, confined itself to exploring the ways in which composers have taken the form in the last 100 years or so, after Chopin and Liszt had established it as a musical genre in its own right in the 19th century. Her hugely demanding recital, almost three hours of music taking in 50 piano pieces, started with Scriabin and ended at the present day.

Only the first of the three parts of Stefanovich’s programme was more or less chronological, taking in the iridescent chromaticism of Szymanowski’s 12 Études Op 33, and pieces by Scriabin, Debussy and Bartók, as well as less familiar music by Nikolay Roslavets, Arthur Lourié and three of Grażyna Bacewicz’s 10 Concert Études. Her mastery of the technical challenges in every one of these pieces one quickly took for granted, but the textural imagination she brought to every piece was a constant delight. She ended the sequence with Messiaen’s Ile de Feu I, one of his Quatre Études de Rythme from 1949.

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Nigel Farage urged to stand aside in Tory target seats after climbdown

Brexit party will not contest Conservative seats but source says it will pursue Labour-held ones

Nigel Farage is facing calls from Brexit supporters to stand down further candidates to help Boris Johnson after he made a dramatic public U-turn by agreeing to withdraw his party from all Conservative-held seats.

The Brexit party leader claimed he had changed his mind about fielding candidates in 317 seats held by the Tories after Johnson released a video pledging to take Britain out of the EU by 2020 and to pursue a Canada-style trade deal.

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US man receives double lung transplant after organs damaged by vaping

More than 2,000 Americans who vape have become sick since March, and at least 40 people have died

Doctors at a Detroit hospital have performed a double lung transplant on a man whose lungs were damaged from vaping.

Related: CDC reports 'breakthrough' over vaping lung illnesses as cases top 2,000

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Genesis, Revelation … Exodus: has Guardiola reached City endgame? | Barney Ronay

Guardiola is generally in one of three phases of engagement – it is tempting to conclude we are in this third stage now, that the Pep exodus has begun

This is the end, beautiful friend. Or rather, it may just be a vision of it. Watching Pep Guardiola capering on the Anfield touchline on Sunday – skinny legs splayed, arms flailing, black quilted jacket bouncing about like an angry rubber ball – was at least confirmation of one thing. Manchester City’s manager remains an extraordinarily agile and sprightly 48-year-old footballing obsessive.

Beyond that it was hard to interpret this reaction to a third Premier League defeat as a sign of good health, stability and plans for the future falling neatly into place. Instead Guardiola seemed oddly isolated, out there operating without restraint, still in the field, a manager who may just have entered the next phase in a familiar career parabola. So much so it is tempting to ask another question. Will he actually be back at Anfield for another league game?

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Shakhtar Donetsk captain vows never to be silent in face of racism

• Taison was sent off after reacting to abuse from supporters
• Midfielder left the pitch in tears against Dynamo Kyiv

The Shakhtar Donetsk captain, Taison, has vowed never to be silent in the face of an “inhuman and despicable act” after hearing alleged racist abuse during his team’s match against Dynamo Kyiv.

Related: Shakhtar Donetsk’s Taison sent off for reaction to racist insults

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'Extraordinary' letters between Ian Fleming and wife to be sold

More than 160 letters written over 20 years shine light on James Bond author’s life

An extraordinary stash of letters that shine a light on the tangled relationship between the James Bond creator, Ian Fleming, and his wife, Ann, from their intense and secret affair to the bitter end of their marriage, are to appear at auction.

Sotheby’s is selling more than 160 letters between the couple, written over 20 years. Gabriel Heaton, a specialist in books and manuscripts at the auction house, said the letters in their scope and scale provided what “must surely be an unmatchable record of the life of the author as his fortunes changed”.

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Flesh-eating infection caused by two microbe strains discovered by doctors

Infection found in patient who required quadruple amputation after developing rare condition

Doctors have discovered an aggressive flesh-eating infection that spreads around the body when two strains of microbe combine to overcome the host’s defences.

The infection was found in a patient who required a quadruple amputation after they developed necrotising fasciitis, a rare bacterial condition that is lethal in nearly a third of cases, even when treatment is on hand.

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Walgreens heading for biggest private equity buyout ever, says report

Shares jumped 6% after Bloomberg report that Walgreens Boots Alliance received buyout from KKR

The global drugstore chain Walgreens Boots Alliance has reportedly received a buyout offer from the private equity group KKR – if successful, the deal would be the biggest private equity transaction on record.

Shares in Walgreens Boots Alliance rose 6% on Monday after Bloomberg reported news of the deal. Its shares had fallen nearly 20% between January and the end of October, before news of a potential buyout emerged.

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British Indians warn Hindu party not to meddle in UK elections

They say UK support group for BJP, India’s ruling party, is trying to divide them

British Indians in one of the country’s most diverse boroughs have warned against attempts to divide voters in the general election along ethnic or religious lines.

Last week, a UK support group for the BJP, India’s ruling Hindu nationalist party, said it was campaigning for the Tories in 48 marginal seats. It also emerged that WhatsApp messages were circulating among British Hindus urging them to vote against Labour, accusing it of being “anti-India”, raising fears that tensions are being stoked ahead of the election.

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Former Bolivian leader Evo Morales granted asylum by Mexico

Ex-president claims he is victim of coup as unrest spreads and fears grow about political chaos

The former Bolivian president Evo Morales has been granted asylum by Mexico, the country’s top diplomat has said, following the veteran socialist’s announcement on Sunday that he would resign.

Mexico’s foreign minister, Marcelo Ebrard, told reporters: “We will immediately proceed to inform Bolivia’s foreign ministry that under international law, it should offer safe conduct [to Morales].”

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Farage’s Brexit move means a pact among progressives is now urgent | Polly Toynbee

By standing aside for the Tories, he’s made a hard Brexit much more likely. Remainers have to work together

Nigel Farage has set his stamp on this election: his astute action, standing down 317 Brexit party candidates (one in every seat that voted Conservative in the last election), confirms the brutal binary choice between the newly merged Tory-Brexit friends-of-Trump party and a flaky progressive remain alliance. The old Conservative party is no more, morphing into the Brexit party, its moderates having fled.

Here’s the vital question: will the fragmented progressives resolve their differences in an equally ruthless pursuit of power? They only have until Thursday to set aside petty tribal differences and block Britain leaving the European Union in January, with no referendum, on the hardest of Brexit terms. Sadly, the answer is almost certainly no. Not enough progressive candidates will stand down – unless they are seized this week with sudden paroxysms of self-sacrifice in the cause of the greater good.

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Alexander Zverev shocks Rafael Nadal at ATP Finals – live reaction!

Despite how well Zverev played, how unimpeachable his serve was and how well he pummelled his his forehand, which is often one of his biggest weaknesses, this will be tough to swallow for Nadal. He was off the boil from very early on and played easily his worst match since his struggles in the clay season. He hit 3 forehand winners and 13 errors from that wing alone, which is unacceptable for him.

Even if the abs held up, that preparation was not ideal and it seems to have cost him. The good news for the Spaniard is that he has two matches to correct things and we’ll see if he can play himself into the event.

Zverev in his post-match interview:

It’s obviously great. Everybody probably knows how much I was struggling the whole season. This means so much, playing here again after winning my biggest title so far in my career here last year. This means everything to me and I was looking forward to this match. Thanks a lot for all the support, everybody who came out. This atmosphere is the reason why the goal at the beginning of the season to make London. Playing here, playing in front of you all guys, playing at the O2 is something we don’t have the whole year. This is so special, thank you very much.

[On why he was serving so big] Carrots, spinach, whatever was coming my way, whatever mum and everybody was giving me. That’s what I was doing this week, listening to my parents, I guess.

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Eminem track 'siding with Chris Brown' over Rihanna attack is leaked

Song titled Things Get Worse said to have been recorded for Eminem’s 2009 album Marshall Mathers

The song in which Eminem “sides with Chris Brown” over his assault of Brown’s then girlfriend Rihanna in 2009 has leaked.

“Of course I side with Chris Brown, I’d beat a bitch down too,” he raps in the track, titled Things Get Worse, which was reportedly recorded during the sessions for his 2009 album Marshall Mathers.

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Instagram influencer used secret account to hit back at her critics

Clemmie Hooper, who is behind Mother of Daughters, says she wanted to change people’s views after reading comments about her family

The often relentless positivity of the world of social media influencers has turned toxic after Clemmie Hooper, the blogger behind the Mother of Daughters Instagram account, which has 660,000 followers, admitted to a secret life online in which she attacked rivals.

Hooper not only criticised other bloggers on the UK gossip forum Tattle.life under the name “Aliceinwanderlust”, but even called her own husband – also a popular influencer – a “class-A twat”.

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Trump accuses Democrats of 'doctored' inquiry transcripts without evidence

President made claim against Adam Schiff on Twitter as diplomats quoted in transcripts have not complained about accuracy

Donald Trump stepped up his fight against impeachment on Monday, making the false accusation that his Democratic opponents released “doctored transcripts” of testimony by US diplomats.

The president faces a momentous week as the House of Representatives’ impeachment inquiry begins nationally televised hearings Democrats hope will help shift public opinion against Trump.

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Green candidate steps aside as Labour targets Tory-held Chingford

John Tyne ‘tactically withdrawing’ to help Labour unseat Iain Duncan Smith

A Green party candidate has withdrawn in a second marginal seat targeted by Labour, prompting speculation that more Greens could step aside as part of an informal anti-Conservative alliance not sanctioned by the central party.

John Tyne, the Green candidate in Chingford and Woodford Green, the constituency held since 1992 by the former Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith, was “tactically withdrawing” to help Labour take the seat, a statement on the local party’s website said.

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Sánchez’s hubris has smashed Spain’s brittle politics into even smaller pieces | Giles Tremlett

Macho posturing may appeal to Vox voters, but most Spaniards want politicians who will listen and compromise

Spain’s long-running drama of political deadlock and confrontation hit a new register with the catastrophic elections called by acting Socialist prime minister Pedro Sánchez on Sunday.

The results are disheartening. For the first time since the death of dictator Francisco Franco in 1975, Spain has a far-right party, in Vox, with muscle to match its malice. Vox increased its vote to 15% and secured 52 seats, harvesting the anger provoked by separatist clashes on the streets of Barcelona and becoming the country’s third party. Tragically, that brings Spain into line with other European nations where the far-right represents up to a quarter of the electorate. The inoculation supposedly provided by 40 years of rightwing dictatorship under General Franco last century has now definitively worn off. Sánchez’s decision to remove the dictator’s body from his outsized tomb at the Valley of The Fallen in mid-campaign now looks like a way of burying the past, rather than learning from it.

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Shane Sutton testimony at Freeman tribunal delayed by legal arguments

• Sutton expected to give evidence on Tuesday
• Tribunal assessing Freeman’s suitability to practise medicine

Shane Sutton’s eagerly awaited testimony at the Dr Richard Freeman medical tribunal was delayed by hours of legal argument behind closed doors on Monday.

Sutton, who was formerly the head coach at British Cycling and Team Sky, is expected to give evidence on Tuesday to the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service in Manchester, which is assessing Freeman’s suitability to continue to practise medicine.

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If a woman is raped, is there any point in her reporting it? | Suzanne Moore

It sticks in my craw to say this, but it has never been easier to get away with rape. The Crown Prosecution Service is in crisis. What should women do?

A text-message ping in the middle of the night: “I have been raped.” I like to think I would do the right thing. Unfortunately, I know what this is because I have talked to enough people at Rape Crisis. I would tell the woman in question to not clean her teeth or have a drink, to not shower and, if possible, to not pee. In other words, maintain yourself in a violated state in order to keep any evidence intact. (In giving this advice, I would be well aware that it is extremely unlikely she would be able to take it.) I would then take her to the police station – to the rape suite, as they are lovingly called.

Or would I? Would I tell her to go through a system that would involve her being questioned about what she was wearing? Did she know the guy? Did they exchange texts? Had she been drinking?

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Keeping his end up: James Bond's 10 most unforgivable puns

Par : Guy Lodge

Innuendo is reportedly returning to the Bond franchise in No Time to Die. Surely it can’t be any worse than these examples

Groan-worthily lewd double entendres are as much a trademark of the James Bond franchise as martinis, tuxedos and tricked-out sports cars, but they haven’t exactly flourished in the Daniel Craig era: the first blond 007 has largely given the agent a sterner, more businesslike mien relative to the japery of Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan.

Advance word is that the next Bond adventure, No Time to Die, will see lascivious innuendo making a comeback, with the presence of Phoebe Waller-Bridge as screenwriter (and the Fleabag creator knows her way around a good sex reference). One allegedly leaked line sounds like standard old-school Bond: “Get it up, get it up!” implores a passenger in a seaplane that Bond is struggling to fly, to which the spy drily responds: “I’ve never had a problem with that before.” Can it compete with the 10 most shameless, unforgivable Bond double entendres?

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