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Aujourd’hui — 25 février 2020NYT

Stock Market Jitters Persist After Wall Street’s Worst Drop in 2 Years

The spread of the new coronavirus has rattled investors in both the stock and bond markets.

Disinfection workers in Seoul, South Korea, on Tuesday.

F.B.I. Raids Headquarters of Company Run by Fashion Executive Peter Nygard

A task force of the F.B.I. and the New York Police Department raided the corporate headquarters as part of a sex-trafficking investigation.

NYGÅRD Fashion, located on Broadway between 40th and 41st streets, last year.

The World Isn’t Ready for a Major Coronavirus Outbreak

Investors are hedging their portfolios, businesses are revising their forecasts, and government officials are preparing for the worst.

Treating coronavirus patients in Wuhan, China.

How to Be Good

What a therapist, scholar, monk, C.E.O. and others can teach us about bringing our best to everything we do, every day.

Wall Street Wakes Up to Coronavirus

The hit to markets may be sharp. But if the past is any guide, the scare should be relatively brief.

Stock prices took a steep dive on Monday in reaction to fears of the spread of the coronavirus.

Chris Matthews Apologizes to Bernie Sanders for Remarks on Nevada Win

An on-air comparison to Nazis angered Sanders aides, who privately complained to executives at MSNBC.

Chris Matthews last week. On Monday, he opened his “Hardball” program by saying, “I want to say something quite important and personal.”

Harvey Weinstein Is Going to Prison. But That’s Just a Starting Point.

Now that the movie mogul has been convicted, Hollywood’s culture of secrecy and exploitation — and the cynicism that fuels it — needs to be blown up.

On Monday, Harvey Weinstein was found guilty of two felonies: rape and criminal sexual act. 

Trump Says Harvey Weinstein Verdict ‘Sends a Very Strong Message’

The president called the film producer’s conviction “a great victory” for women even as he focused on Mr. Weinstein’s ties to Democrats.

Harvey Weinstein, the former film producer whose downfall over sexual misconduct set off the #MeToo movement, was convicted by a Manhattan jury on Monday.

New Rule Makes It Harder to Challenge Labor Practices

The National Labor Relations Board regulation scales back the responsibility of parent companies for violations by franchisees or contractors.

Workers at franchise outlets will find it harder to bring complaints against parent companies under a new rule.

What to Know About the Harvey Weinstein Verdict

Par : Jill Cowan
Tuesday: The announcement marks a watershed moment, but Mr. Weinstein still faces charges in Los Angeles. Also: Tributes to Kobe Bryant.

Women covering Harvey Weinstein’s exit from court during his rape trial on Feb. 19.

Hosni Mubarak, Egyptian Leader Ousted in Arab Spring, Dies at 91

Mr. Mubarak, who had been likened to a modern-day pharaoh, was deposed in 2011 by the popular unrest in the Arab world that came to be called the Arab Spring.

Trump Accuses Schiff of Leaking Intelligence on Russia’s 2020 Interference

Without evidence, President Trump accused the House chairman of the Intelligence Committee of leaking intelligence.

President Trump in India on Tuesday.

Plácido Domingo Had ‘Inappropriate Activity’ With Women, Union Finds

An investigation found behavior including flirtation and sexual advances by the opera superstar, who issued his fullest apology yet.

Plácido Domingo performing last August in Szeged, Hungary. American opera companies canceled his performances, but European companies said they would wait for the results of investigations into his conduct.

Divisiveness Among 2020 Democratic Hopefuls Hits New Level

As the primary race becomes a battle of all against all, and the field suddenly seems to be constricting, the divisiveness and negative attacks are rising.

Senator Bernie Sanders and former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. at the debate last week in Las Vegas. Mr. Biden has been attacking Mr. Sanders’s trustworthiness as the South Carolina primary approaches.

A Former F.B.I. Negotiator and His Tips for Travel

Chris Voss details how empathy, bargaining and other tactics can be applied to landing travel perks, avoiding travel penalties and more.

Chris Voss is a former F.B.I. hostage negotiator.

Everybody Goes to Burger Heaven

Par : Guy Trebay
A Manhattan lunch counter where Jackie O. ate with John-John and Holly Golightly met Sally Tomato’s bagman bids a final farewell.

Keeping the family in family-style dining are, clockwise from bottom left: Mary Ferdschneider; her 4-year-old twins, Logan and Gabi Ferdschneider; great-aunt Marlene Zucker; and grandmother Roxanne Ferdschneider, all at Burger Heaven.

It’s Time to Unfriend the Internet

In “Lurking,” Joanne McNeil examines what it means to be a person online.

Late Night Checks in With Trump’s ‘Eat, Pray, Love Himself’ Tour

Trevor Noah joked Monday that Trump’s two-day visit to India was “partly to negotiate a trade deal and partly to get his copy of the Kama Sutra signed.”

How Barcelona Lost Its Way

Par : Rory Smith
A club once praised for its methods on and off the field has recently descended into a drifting, crisis-riddled, backstabbing soap opera. That it still leads La Liga misses the point.

Hosni Mubarak, Egyptian Leader Ousted in Arab Spring, Dies at 91

Mr. Mubarak, who had been likened to a modern-day pharaoh, was deposed in 2011 by the popular unrest in the Arab world that came to be called the Arab Spring.

Trump Hails ‘Special’ Ties With Modi, but Complains of Tariffs

The president stressed the strength of his relationship with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in meetings long on symbolism and short on concrete agreements.

On the last day of President Trump’s visit with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the two leaders Mr. Trump and Mr. Modi celebrated a series of modest agreements that had been set before the trip.

Wall Street Is (Finally) Waking Up to the Damage Coronavirus Could Do

Par : Neil Irwin
The financial world is realizing how different this is from a trade war or other recent economic hiccups.

A railway station in normally bustling Milan on Monday morning. A surge of coronavirus cases in northern Italy has prompted closings of many public sites and workplaces, and has raised concerns about the economic impact on the country and beyond.

The Weinstein Jury Believed the Women

In a case fraught with complexity, the former Hollywood mogul was convicted of two felony sex crimes. Will this be a watershed moment for such prosecutions?

Since Harvey Weinstein, shown early this month, was publicly accused of sexual misconduct in 2017, some aspects of the entertainment industry have been slow to change.

‘I Felt Like Crying’: Coronavirus Shakes China’s Expecting Mothers

Pregnant women describe a lonely, sometimes terrifying experience navigating the country’s overburdened health care system during the outbreak.

Vigor Liu, 30, at her place in Beijing. She is 20 weeks pregnant, and worried about going out, going to the hospital and going back to work because of the coronavirus.

As Trump Visits India, a Trade Deal Remains Elusive

President Trump and Prime Minister Modi have plenty in common, but that doesn’t include a desire to quickly lower trade barriers between the two countries.

President Trump with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday at Motera Stadium in Ahmedabad, India.

Spring Break: Where to Get the Biggest Bang for Your Buck

Uruguay instead of Miami, spring skiing and more money-saving tips.

Tourists visiting a sculpture called La Mano de Punta del Este, depicting five human fingers, in Punta del Este, Uruguay.

New Jersey May Raise Cigarette Taxes to Highest Level in Nation

The state budget proposal will include a $4.35 per pack tax, an increase designed to discourage tobacco use and generate revenue.

Packets of cigarettes at Cibao Mini Market on Monday, February 24, 2020 in North Bergen, N.J.

As Domestic Terrorists Outpace Jihadists, New U.S. Law Is Debated

Even as the menace from homegrown extremists grows more explicit, law enforcement is wrestling with how to combat it.

Mourners came to pay tribute after the mass shooting in El Paso, where 22 people were killed in August.

Why Hank Azaria Won’t Play Apu on ‘The Simpsons’ Anymore

The veteran “Simpsons” voice actor explains why he stepped away from the character, which has been criticized as a demeaning stereotype.

Hank Azaria has played Apu for decades, but he has decided he “didn’t want to participate in it anymore,” he said. “It just didn’t feel right.”

New Delhi Streets Turn Into Battleground Between Hindus and Muslims

As President Trump tours India’s capital, where at least 11 people have been killed in communal clashes that have upended a working-class neighborhood.

Hindus beat a Muslim man during clashes in New Delhi on Monday.