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Aujourd’hui — 23 octobre 2019Bit-tech

Disco Elysium Review

One of the finest RPGs in recent memory, Disco Elysium is a masterpiece of interactive fiction.

Arm pushes machine learning with new cores

Launches new GPU and DPU, too.

Khronos Group releases OpenVX 1.3

Includes Raspberry Pi implementation.
Hier — 22 octobre 2019Bit-tech

NordVPN hit by data breach

Failed to inform customers.

Nvidia looks to 5G with Aerial SDK

Pushes GPU-accelerated edge computing.

Microsoft unveils Secured-core PC initiative

Aims to protect against firmware attacks.
À partir d’avant-hierBit-tech

The upcoming high-end CPU battle could depend on motherboard prices

With X570 motherboards demanding huge premiums, Intel's cut-price Cascade Lake-X could benefit from more affordable motherboards compared to 3rd Gen Threadripper.

The Internet Archive upgrades its Wayback Machine

Includes a new personal capture feature.

UK startup teases CMOS-beating Bizen chip fab tech

Ditches resistors for quantum tunnels.

Stormforce Crystal 3600 RX 5700 Review

Stormforce's £1,300 rig sports a six-core 3rd Gen Ryzen CPU, RX 5700, and NVMe PCIe SSD.

Video: Project Toreador (Bloodlines 2 Mod) Part 1: Intro and 500D Teardown

Alex is going to bring the Toreador clan from Bloodlines 2 to life - in case mod form!

Realtek Wi-Fi driver flaw hits Linux users

Only appears exploitable in Wi-Fi Direct mode.

UK Government throws £54m at cyber security

£36 million of which goes to Arm.

Arctic launches Freezer 50 TR Threadripper cooler

Its first with A-RGB bling, too.

MSI MPG Sekira 500G Review

Sleek and solid, the £190 Sekira 500G is taking on the big boys.

HSL delays Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2

Still aiming for some time in 2020.

EU Competition: Win a 34" Ultrawide Iiyama FreeSync monitor!

Iiyama ProLite XUB3493WQSU-B1 up for grabs!

Noita Preview

Spelunky meets Worms meets every kind of explosion in this fantastically chaotic rogue-like.

EKWB EK-Kit Classic RGB P360 Water-Cooling Kit Review

We try out one of EK's more budget-conscious kits.

Google to launch Stadia on November 19th

Without the free tier, though.

Intel denies desktop 10nm cancellation rumours

Won't offer a launch date, though.

Sudo utility hit by permission bypass vulnerability

Only in non-standard setups, though.

Mod of the Month September 2019 in Association with Corsair

We've picked some of the best projects recently completed in our project log forum.