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Aujourd’hui — 25 août 2019Technology - English

'B Corp' leaders challenge Apple, others to become force for good

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Apple should put the planet before profits, a group of more than 30 business leaders from major companies have urged, via a full-page advertisement in the New York Times demanding members of the Business Roundtable lobby group become more ethical in their practices.

Review: The Lifx Beam is a stunning modular HomeKit smart light

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The Lifx Beam is a modular smart light system that integrates with Apple's HomeKit to create stunning colors and impressive effects throughout the home.

HUAWEI To Reveal Upcoming Flagship Kirin 990 Chipset This September 6

Par : Raja Idris

The post HUAWEI To Reveal Upcoming Flagship Kirin 990 Chipset This September 6 appeared first on Pokde posted by Raja Idris on Pokde.Net

We will probably see HUAWEI's latest in-house SoC, Kirin 990 with the introduction of the upcoming HUAWEI Mate 30 series.

The post HUAWEI To Reveal Upcoming Flagship Kirin 990 Chipset This September 6 appeared first on Pokde posted by Raja Idris on Pokde.Net

ICYMI: Native Union cables, iDevices Instinct Alexa-powered switch & more

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Here are our top picks for new gear from the last seven days you should check out including an Alexa-powered switch, new USB-C to Lightning cables, and a smart water leak detection system.

Brief Thoughts: Questionable RF lawsuit, Apple TV+ vs. Disney+, Siri listening & more

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Every week has dozens of things going on at any given time, too many to talk about in real-time. Here's what we think about this week's radio frequency revelations and lawsuits, Disney rolling heavy at the D23 expo in regards to Disney+, the workers responsible for listening to Siri recordings, an inadvertent iOS 12 jailbreak restoration, and Google's Android rebranding.

Arctic Freezer 34 eSports DUO – CPU Air Cooler Review

Arctic is a Swiss-Founded manufacturer of computer cooling products. Specialising in CPU and GPU coolers, case fans and thermal compounds, they have extensive experience in the industry. Arctic have collaborated with leading graphics card brands such as HIS, Inno3D, PowerColor, VTX3D and Sapphire in the development of OEM cooling solutions.

In recent years, Arctic have branched out into other areas and now have a diverse range of products including audio/home entertainment, monitor stands and PC peripherals alongside their cooling solutions and thermal compounds.

Today, we will be looking at the latest addition to their range of CPU air cooling products – the Freezer 34 eSports DUO. Compared to more expensive Air coolers of late, the Freezer 34 is a compact design with four heat pipes and fifty-four fin configuration.

The Freezer 34 eSports DUO comes with two Bionix P-Series fans in a push pull configuration with a broad RPM range. When PWM signal is below 5%, the fans activate a zero-dBA silent mode and the cooler becomes passive.

Our review sample came with the understated black and white themed fans. The Freezer 34 eSports Duo can be supplied in various colours including red, green and yellow, so should suit many colour themed PC builds.

Currently available for as little as £30 from online retailers, the Freezer 34 eSports DUO is priced to suit budget builds and lower spec machines. With eSports branding on the box, this suggests Arctic are also aiming it at competitive gamers too.

Being in the budget price range for CPU cooling, can the Freezer 34 live up to its frosty name or will its thermal transfer melt away like the ice cubes in your gin and tonic on a summer’s day? We shall see…

Key features

  • Compatible with Intel and AMD CPU sockets.
  • Thermal coating and offset heat pipes for optimal heat dissipation.
  • 0dB silent passive mode.
  • Broad RPM range for high performance and quiet operation.
  • PWM sharing technology regulates fan speed synchronously.


  • Heat Pipe – Direct touch ø 6mm x 4
  • Heatsink Material – Aluminium Fins x 54, Thickness 0.4mm
  • Thermal Compound – MX-4
  • Fan – 2 x 120mm, 200-2100 RPM (PWM) 0dB fan mode below 5% PWM
  • Bearing – Fluid Dynamic Bearing
  • Noise Level – 0.5 Sone
  • Current/Voltage – 0.13A/12V DC per fan
  • Recommended for TDP up to – 210 Watts
  • Dimensions – 157 x 124 x 103 (H x W x D) with fans fitted
  • Net Weight – 847g
  • Socket compatibility – Intel 2066, 2011(-3), 115X, AMD AM4

FreeBSD In Q2'2019 Saw Updated Graphics Drivers, Continued Linux Compatibility Layer

The FreeBSD project has published their Q2'2019 summary that outlines the various accomplishments for this open-source operating system project over the past quarter...

Trump 'regrets' not applying tougher tariffs in China trade war

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A clarification over an admission by President Donald Trump that he had "second thoughts" about his handling of the trade war with China suggests more could be in store, with the White House Press Secretary insisting Trump wanted to be tougher on the tariffs.

Vulkan 1.1.121 Brings AMD Device Coherent Memory Extension

Vulkan 1.1.121 is the newest Sunday morning update to the Vulkan graphics/compute API. In addition to various bug fixes/clarifications to the documentation, there is a new Vulkan extension around device coherent memory support from AMD...

KDE Ending Out August With Various Fixes & Other Enhancements

As the end of the summer nears and KDE's Akademy conference approaches, development is busy as ever on this open-source desktop environment...

DragonFlyBSD Pulls In AMD Radeon Graphics Code From The Linux 4.7 Kernel

It was just last month that DragonFlyBSD pulled in Radeon's Linux 4.4 kernel driver code as an upgrade from the Linux 3.19 era code they had been using for their open-source AMD graphics support. This week that's now up to a Linux 4.7 era port...

Malaysia Is The First Around The Globe To Witness The Brand New HUAWEI nova 5t

Par : Raja Idris

The post Malaysia Is The First Around The Globe To Witness The Brand New HUAWEI nova 5t appeared first on Pokde posted by Raja Idris on Pokde.Net

Malaysia is privileged in being the first choice for HUAWEI to give a glimpse of their brand new HUAWEI nova 5T smartphone at KLFW.

The post Malaysia Is The First Around The Globe To Witness The Brand New HUAWEI nova 5t appeared first on Pokde posted by Raja Idris on Pokde.Net

VMware Is Exploring Reducing Meltdown/PTI Overhead With Deferred Flushes

VMware engineer Nadav Amit who previously pursued "Optpolines" and other possible performance optimizations in light of Spectre / Meltdown vulnerabilities is now proposing patches for deferring PTI flushes to help with addressing the performance overhead caused by Meltdown...

Today's best Apple deals see latest Macs drop to $699 and up

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Apple Authorized Resellers continue to slash prices on Apple's latest products, with the current Mac mini falling to $699 and 2019 MacBook Pros up to $500 off. These Apple deals are subject to change at any time, with some of the record-breaking discounts ending soon.

Open-Source GPU Drivers For Embedded Have Been Improving But RE'ing Take A While

Robert Foss of Collabora was back at the Linux Foundation's Open-Source Summit this week to present the latest state of open-source graphics drivers in the embedded space...

Malaysians are getting shortchanged by the local Samsung Galaxy Note10+?

The post Malaysians are getting shortchanged by the local Samsung Galaxy Note10+? appeared first on Pokde posted by Vyncent Chan on Pokde.Net

The local Samsung Galaxy Note10+ is short on a few accessories, although they did make up for it with a TPU case, if that helps.

The post Malaysians are getting shortchanged by the local Samsung Galaxy Note10+? appeared first on Pokde posted by Vyncent Chan on Pokde.Net

HW News - NVIDIA Integer Scaling, RDNA Whitepaper, & Intel Comet Lake

HW News - NVIDIA Integer Scaling, RDNA Whitepaper, & Intel Comet Lake
"Integer scaling" has been a buzz phrase for a few weeks now, with Intel first adding integer scaling support to its driver set, and now NVIDIA following. This week, we'll be talking more about what that even means (and where it's useful), news on AMD's RDNA whitepaper and CrossFire support, Intel's Comet Lake CPUs (and naming), and a few minor topics. Show notes continue after the embedded video, as always.

Ampere Computing Is Keeping Close Track Of The Linux Performance For Their ARM Servers

Hardware vendor Ampere Computing with their impressive ARM servers is doing a great job on closely following their hardware's Linux performance as part of a rigorous continuous testing regiment or ensuring quality, compatibility, and stability while being fully-automated...

Review: 802.11ac Synology MR2200AC router is the best mesh Wi-Fi we've found yet

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At AppleInsider, we've reviewed a number of routers and mesh Wi-Fi systems trying to find the best ones after Apple discontinued the Airport and Airport Express. Right now, the Synology MR2200AC is our favorite for a mesh router system.
Hier — 24 août 2019Technology - English

Mesa Radeon Vulkan Driver Sees ~30% Performance Boost For APUs

Mesa's RADV Radeon Vulkan driver just saw a big performance optimization land to benefit APUs like Raven Ridge and Picasso, simply systems with no dedicated video memory...

How to take screen recordings on Mac, iOS and Apple TV

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Apple has provided ways to record videos of your Mac, iOS, and Apple TV screens, but it doesn't make it easy to figure out how to do it. Here's how to get it done.

Editorial: Free advertising for Apple Card isn't coming from unit sales or market share

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Apple Card is all over the news, in part because the physical legacy card it ships with can be scuffed up if you throw it in your jeans pocket with coins and keys. There are thousands of other card issuers globally that wish the inherently fragile nature of a pristine credit card was also capable of driving free global advertising of their brand as well. Why does Apple get so much free press?

Disney+ offers four simultaneous streams at 4K for $6.99 per month

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More details about Disney+, the major media corporation's subscription video service, have been made available months ahead of its launch with customers able to stream to up to four devices at up to a 4K resolution, without needing to pay for a higher tier of service.

AMD Ryzen 7 3800X vs. 3700X: What's the Difference?

The latest series of Ryzen CPUs has been out for six weeks and yet only about a week ago were we able to get our hands on the Ryzen 7 3800X for the first time. So what's the deal? Why has the 3800X been so hard to get, how does it differ from the 3700X and why has the TDP increased by over 60% for a 100 MHz increase in boost frequency?

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LG Has Been Working On Reduced Boot Times With Hibernation Optimizations

LG Electronics has been exploring improvements around hibernation/suspend-to-disk to speed-up the Linux boot process for consumer electronics rather than performing cold boots and as part of that is working towards upstream optimizations...

Intel Iris Gallium3D Is Close With SPIR-V Support For OpenGL 4.6

This week saw OpenGL 4.6 support finally merged for Intel's i965 Mesa driver and will be part of the upcoming Mesa 19.2 release. Not landed yet but coming soon is the newer Intel "Iris" Gallium3D driver also seeing OpenGL 4.6 support...

The road to Steve Jobs' resignation, and the rise of Tim Cook as his successor

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On August 24, 2011 Apple cofounder Steve Jobs announced his resignation as Apple CEO, six weeks before his death. AppleInsider takes a look back at the controversies and ethical dilemmas of what happened when the CEO got sick and how Tim Cook emerged as his successor.

FreeBSD's Executive Director Calls For Linux + BSD Devs To Work Together

While called the Open-Source Summit, the event is primarily about Linux as after all it's hosted by the Linux Foundation. But at this week's Open-Source Summit in San Diego, Deb Goodkin as the executive director of the FreeBSD Foundation presented. Deb's talk was of course on FreeBSD but also why FreeBSD and Linux developers should work together...

Enlightenment 0.23 Released With Massive Wayland Improvements

It has been almost two years since the release of Enlightenment 0.22 while surprising E23 has now surfaced...

PC Perspective Podcast #555 – Comet Lake Confusion

Join us this week for reviews of the be quiet! Dark Rock 4 CPU coolers and Corsair’s new wireless RGB gaming keyboard, a look at the latest NVIDIA driver features, an attempt…