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Aujourd’hui — 25 avril 2019Technology - English

Raya Dengan Shopee Begins Today With Discounts Running Until 6 June 2019

Par : Raja Idris

The post Raya Dengan Shopee Begins Today With Discounts Running Until 6 June 2019 appeared first on Pokde posted by Raja Idris on Pokde.Net

Can't wait for Hari Raya to come? Well Shopee has prepapred a bunch of specials from now till 6th of June 2019 to get you prepped out for the festive season.

The post Raya Dengan Shopee Begins Today With Discounts Running Until 6 June 2019 appeared first on Pokde posted by Raja Idris on Pokde.Net

NVIDIA Working On New GLX Extension To Help PRIME GPU Offloading

NVIDIA has been working on a new GLX extension to help the PRIME GPU offloading situation where multiple GPU vendors are involved and thus different OpenGL driver implementations. In particular, the proposed GLX_EXT_server_vendor_select is designed to better fit in to address PRIME GPU offloading obstacles introduced by their work on the now common GLVND OpenGL Vendor Neutral Dispatch library...

Intel lays off dozens from autonomous vehicle program, acquires LiDAR startup

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In a claimed effort to streamline operations, Intel recently shaved "several dozen" people from its roster of employees working on autonomous vehicles at the company's Silicon Valley Innovation Center in Palo Alto.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Review – Difficult Yet Addictive

The post Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Review – Difficult Yet Addictive appeared first on Pokde posted by Aiman Maulana on Pokde.Net

Looking for a brand new adventure to sink your teeth and developed a taste in difficult games? Then check out our review of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

The post Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Review – Difficult Yet Addictive appeared first on Pokde posted by Aiman Maulana on Pokde.Net

TikTok returns to App Store in India following week-long ban

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Popular Chinese video sharing app TikTok is again available on India's app stores, ending a week-long, court-ordered ban that restricted downloads of the title in its largest growth market.

FreeBSD ZFS vs. ZoL Performance, Ubuntu ZFS On Linux Reference

With iX Systems having released new images of FreeBSD reworked with their ZFS On Linux code that is in development to ultimately replace their existing FreeBSD ZFS support derived from the code originally found in the Illumos source tree, here are some fresh benchmarks looking at the FreeBSD 12 performance of ZFS vs. ZoL vs. UFS and compared to Ubuntu Linux on the same system with EXT4 and ZFS.
Hier — 24 avril 2019Technology - English

Expecting to pay up to $5B for Cambridge Analytica, Facebook sets aside $3B for FTC fines

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Facebook is preparing to pay a record-setting fine to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission for privacy violations following the Cambridge Analytica fiasco, as the social network is earmarking $3 billion to go towards its expenses and a potential $5 billion fine, depending on how it negotiates with the regulator.

Apple's will to 'hurt Qualcomm financially' illustrated by Qualcomm's opening statement

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Slides of Qualcomm's opening arguments against Apple have been published, exposing more detail of Apple's long plan to hurt Qualcomm financially to force reduced modem chip payments.

The Modding Toolbox: A Guide to Rotary Tools

They're a staple of the modding world, but what should you consider?

More GTX 1650's to take a look at ... can you spot the pattern?

The ASUS GTX 1650 STRIX is a bit larger than the single fan model you saw yesterday as it features a second fan and a higher boost clock, running at 1830 MHz out of the box.  With a little work, TechPowerUp were able to coax the cards frequencies up to 2029MHz GPU boost and the 4GB of memory to a respectable 2380 MHz.  Even so, the card still struggles to offer better performance than AMD's RX 570 in everything but power draw. 

Compare this card to the Zotac one from yesterday, as well as the ones below and see if you can spot the other difference between the single fan and dual fan models.


"NVIDIA today announced the GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card, the smallest and most affordable implementation of the "Turing" architecture. Much like other GeForce GTX 16-series graphics cards launched to date, the GTX 1650 lacks dedicated RTX real-time raytracing hardware and tensor cores even though it is based on Turing."

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AT&T CEO says faster 5G networks will cost more and be capped

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The CEO of AT&T has proposed higher pricing for 5G connectivity, suggesting data plans for the next-generation mobile networks could be closer to that of broadband packages, including both allowances of data and tiered maximum speeds.

It Looks Like AMD Is About To Post The Open-Source Radeon "Navi" Driver Code

It looks like the AMD posting of the open-source Radeon driver enablement code for next-gen "Navi" GPUs is imminent. In fact, the first bits of it quietly were pushed out today...

MindNode 6 mind mapping app adds new Focus mode to Mac and iOS

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The longstanding mind map app MindNode has been updated to add new features to its Mac and iOS versions. Both now feature a Focus mode that concentrates the map on one topic and the iOS edition also lets you select multiple elements to edit or move together.

Accelerate your Urban(mech) improvement with PPCs and LRMs

The next expansion to Battletech has a trailer which you can see at Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN, as well as some information on where your mercenary crew will be doing its shopping.  Urban Combat will indeed add very large buildings to combat, with new hazards such as fuel trucks, heat exchangers and electrical transformers to keep an eye on.  As you are unlikely to find much cover in the city, you might want to bring along the new Raven 1X which will sport ECM and and an Active Probe in a small package.  From the sounds of it, you will be able to mount ECM and Active Probes on other 'mechs, though you should expect them to eat up a serious amount of tonnage. 

The expansion will also bring in the Javelin, a close combat mech with the speed needed to close the distance and evade incoming fire, as well as three new crunchies to step on, if you can find them, and new type of mission.  This release will mean the RogueTech team has a bunch of work to do, especially as they've already included the BAP and Guardian ECM, as well as the aforementioned 'mechs. 


"Giant stompy bots aren’t exactly known for being stealthy, but in a loud city full of metal things, they have a slightly better chance of getting the jump on each other. As well as the cover-filled environment, there’s going to be a bunch of new ECM-focused techs in the expansion."

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Surfer retrieves working Apple Watch six months after losing it in the ocean

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A man from Huntington Beach, Calif. has recovered an Apple Watch he lost surfing in the Pacific Ocean six months ago, still in working order.

Alexa voice recognition audit teams had access to customers' location data

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More allegations about how owners of the Amazon Echo smart speaker range are having their privacy infringed by the retailer have surfaced, with the latest claim involving an internal team of Alexa auditors having access to customer data that can reveal their home address.

Heaven't Vault Review

Flawed gem.

Apple reports fewer self-driving test cars on California roads

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For the first time, Apple in April reported a decrease in the number of self-driving test vehicles it has on California's public roads.

Power button class action suit for iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 will be heard on Oct. 25

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A class action lawsuit against Apple concerning sleep/wake button issues with the iPhone 4, iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 is going to be heard in a Californian court, with the lawyers bringing the lawsuit against the iPhone producer putting out a call for potentially affected device owners ahead of the October trial.

Samsung to Invest $115 Billion in Foundry & Chip Businesses by 2030

Being among the largest contract makers of semiconductors and among leading developers of chips for various applications, Samsung Electronics wants to become the world’s leader in these industries. To do so, the company plans to invest a whopping KRW 133 trillion ($115 billion) in its Samsung LSI and Samsung Foundry businesses (i.e., non-memory operations).

Digimon Survive Has NOT Been Cancelled – More Details Coming This Summer

The post Digimon Survive Has NOT Been Cancelled – More Details Coming This Summer appeared first on Pokde posted by Aiman Maulana on Pokde.Net

Despite the sudden lack of updates, Digimon Survive has not been cancelled and is still in development. We expect to hear more very soon.

The post Digimon Survive Has NOT Been Cancelled – More Details Coming This Summer appeared first on Pokde posted by Aiman Maulana on Pokde.Net

Mind the gap; the real Samsung Galaxy Fold killer revealed?

We already know one reason that some Galaxy Fold devices suffered screen failure, but there have been other reports of failures from wiser souls who did not remove a certain bit of plastic.  iFixit have since been probing into the issue and have come up with a hypothesis, gaps allowing dust and other contaminates which are incredibly bad for OLEDs, into the body of the phone.  There is a 7mm gap between the screen and the phones' front edge and more on the back of the phone's main hinge.  The quote at The Inquirer describes just how bad the hinge is; "The spine is flanked by massive gaps that our opening picks hop right into".

This may not be the entire story of the untimely deaths we have been seeing, though it seems it will be a long term problem as OLED killing particles have several ways into the Galaxy Fold.


"It's worth noting that a lot of review units were reportedly borked by folks removing a layer that looked like a removable screen protector but was, in fact, part of the display."

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Fedora Can Now Ship MPEG2 Support, But What They Will Ship Is Yet To Be Figured Out

With the last of the MPEG-2 patents having expired last February, the Fedora / Red Hat legal team is ready to okay the shipping of MPEG-2 video support out-of-the-box in Fedora Linux at long last... But they don't yet know what implementation to use...

Purism Shares April Update On Librem 5 Hardware/Software

Purism has shared their latest update on the efforts around their Librem 5 GNU/Linux smartphone they hope to begin shipping in Q3...

Samsung to spend $116B in next decade to overtake chipmakers TSMC, Intel, Qualcomm

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Samsung this week said it intends to spend $116 billion by 2030 in order to beat the likes of Intel, Qualcomm, and TSMC for a lead role in logic chip manufacturing.

Razer Launches the New Blade Pro 17: i7-9750H and RTX 2080 Max-Q

Razer has introduced its redesigned Blade Pro 17 laptop aimed at gamers and prosumers. It gains performance when compared to its predecessor, yet is considerably more compact and lightweight. The new Blade Pro 17 notebook now packs Intel’s latest six-core Core i7-9750H as well as up to NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 2080 with Max-Q graphics. Interestingly, the mobile workstation features a UHS-III SD card reader, one of the first in the industry.

Apple retains leads in laptop technical support, but gap is narrowing

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Apple has claimed the top spot on Laptop Magazine's 2019 customer service ratings, scoring 91 out of 100 based on a mix of phone and online performance.

AT&T says the Galaxy Fold will ship on June 13, Samsung still has no date set

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While Samsung itself has not given any specific shipping dates for a revised Galaxy Fold after multiple review unit failures forced a delay, AT&T representatives are insistent that it will be shipped to customers on Thursday, June 13.

Skeptical investors undervaluing Apple's services, Morgan Stanley raises AAPL to $234

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Investors consistently undervalue Apple's Services, and iPhone sales are strong, which has led Morgan Stanley to raise the target price for Apple stock to $234.

OpenBSD 6.5 Released With RETGUARD, OpenRSYNC

OpenBSD 6.5 was released today, about one week ahead of schedule for this security-minded BSD operating system. OpenBSD 6.5 is bringing several prominent new features including RETGUARD as its new stack protector and OpenRSYNC as its ISC-licensed in-progress replacement to rsync...